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PHOTOGRAPHY: Ghost Photographs by Angela Deane

With her genius ghost photographs, Angela Deane explores the beautiful, painful, and ultimately puzzling, human condition of having memories.

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look it’s ghosts and shit





Even to this day I can hear them sing in my head….. 

this was a real commercial. it aired on tv. often.

i want everyone to understand this.

It’s commonplace now for advertisers to pull directly from internet subcultures and memes in various attempts to appeal to younger demographics, so while this commercial is undeniably weird, I’d like to invite the younger tumblr set to imagine that it’s early 2004.  YouTube does not exist yet.  It is a much simpler time for internet memes and most humor videos are short, flash based things that feature this jerky clipart-esque animation because a huge swath of the market is still on dial-up and that’s about all their connections can handle.  You log onto a website, wait a couple of minutes (if your connection is good! god help you if you’ve got to download a full Quicktime video that fucker might take you 15-20 minutes or more) for everything to load, and watch “Badgers Badgers Badgers” loop for as long as you can stand it because that shit is only a few months old at this point, that’s how far back in internet meme history we are talking about.  

And then one day you’re sitting around watching the Super Bowl with your family in your normal American living room and these abominations pop up on the screen.

I lived through it, man, and I cannot even begin to explain to you the sheer levels of WTF-ery it induced.

I loved this ad back in the day. I think it explains a lot.

The guy who did this song has an entire website. And he re-used one of his own songs to make this commercial.

Did you push her?

Did you push her?


I love this

spess dndy

milk tea is fucking gnarly idgaf how pretty the cans are

milk tea is fucking gnarly idgaf how pretty the cans are



Final Fantasy flavored characters by Rabbiteyes

If your page makes it difficult/confusing to reblog & like a post, I’d like to personally tell you go fuck yourself.

Holy crap that acid techno in the background. I’m going to die.

Preview of Ghost in the Shell: Arise